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Rigid cabs for Kubota tractors

We have a wide range of tractor cabs for Kubota. All models have a full rigid frame to guarantee a better comfort.

tractor-cabins-kobota-L1-382All Kubota cabs are compatible with most popular front loaders on the market.

As standard, it offers athermic tempered glass, front electric wiper, two front working lights, a quick door removal system, front and rear opening. The roof is made in gray plastic and the interior is covered with soft touch material, the floor mats are washable. There is also a rear sponge flap for the passage of hydraulics hoses of the various machines.

Finally the cabin is fixed to the machine by four latest generation anti-vibrators to reduce as possible the noise and vibrations.



kubota f90 cabinInstead, as accessories to customize your cabin, we offer heating and / or air conditioning; the activated carbon filter. Front and rear LED work lights, USB charging socket and bluetooth car radio. Windscreen washer and rear electric wiper. Rear view camera and satellite alarm. The roof can be painted in John Deere green.

Furthermore a window protection kit is available for forestry work (they are removable steel nets that can be used if necessary).


The installation is easy and quick. In fact you can remove the roll-bar without any trouble because the cab has the ROPS certification (anti roll over structure) in according to OECD and SAE standard.

B2420 cabin

Sales network

We sell through a network of dealers, especially in Europe, but also direct to the user. We have also two branches, one in US and one in Canada, in cooperation with our sister company Sovema.
However we are able to deliver worldwide and we can manage the transport and custom, if required.

Technical Data

Thus from the access platform, the cabs for the Kubota are 160/167 centimeters high. The roof is 102cm or 112cm wide. The weighs of the frame starts from 210 Kg up to 320 kg. (depend by model)

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